Delightful Beginnings

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On April 12, 2010 Jen and I kicked off dessert night (now known as Dessert Night) by making our first souffles.  We decided to go with chocolate since chocolate is quite delicious.  Jen did all the research on different souffle recipes, and it came down to epicurious v foodnetwork (which from now on I will refer to as FN) Alton Brown (whom from now on I will refer to as AB).  I am a HUGE fan of AB, but honestly, I can't remember which one we picked (although I think it was the FN/AB recipe).  While I can't remember which recipe we chose, I sure remember the results.  It was literally heavenly, like a cloud from heaven landed in my mouth.  So much delight!  And it was pretty simple to make as well.

And I must say, if you plan on garnishing your dessert with mint, get it from your garden.  Really.  WOW, home grown mint is delicious.  It's supposedly easy to grown (although I killed the ones Jen gave me -- water is important), but don't grow it in the ground, unless you want a lawn full of mint. 

Here is our chocolate souffle:

I'm sure at some point we'll fill in the "About" section about why we've started this and a disclaimer that we are not pastry chefs, but rather that we are software engineers passionate about everything dessert.  But blogging is tough work!  Time for bed!


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