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>> Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, originally uploaded by Dessert Night.

Every Halloween as a kid, I looked forward to getting some peanut butter cups, a perfect blend of chocolate and creamy peanut butter. The gooey, sweet combination was enough to make me a happy camper. Fast forward to today. For girl’s night, I promised the host I would make something with one of my favorite ingredients, chocolate! As I looked through some recipes I wanted to try: cookies, brownies, and petit fours, I could not imagine leaving the oven on for an hour and making my kitchen as hot as the weather outside.

And then I found the perfect recipe. It’s simple, although the preparation is a bit messy, easy to serve, and since it’s homemade, there are no additional chemical additives or preservatives. For the health conscious, that makes this dessert almost guilt free! Ok, so I will admit spreading the chocolate wasn’t just a little messy, it got all over the place. At times, I felt like melted chocolate was everywhere except on the sides of paper liner. Well, at least at the end I could lick my fingers!

With this recipe, a lot of time is spent waiting for the chocolate to harden in the fridge. If you are in a hurry, the freezer will harden the chocolate faster. As expected, the end result is fabulous, tastier than the store bought version.

Our recipe is adapted from here.

Makes 12 peanut butter cups

  • 1 (12 ounce) package milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (if desired)

  1. Cut 12 paper cupcake cup liners to half of their height. Place in cupcake pan.
  2. Divide the chocolate chips in half. Using a double boiler, melt one half of the chocolate chips, stirring until smooth.
  3. Scoop about 1 heaping teaspoon of melted chocolate into each cupcake liner. Spread the chocolate evenly around the cupcake cup until evenly coated. This part will get the cupcake pan, and your fingers, messy! It helps to make the chocolate bottom thicker, and to cover the sides of the liner completely with chocolate. I used a chopstick to hold the liner in place, and a spoon to do the spreading.
  4. Cool in the refrigerator until firm (about 1 hour)
  5. In a bowl, mix the peanut butter, powdered sugar and salt.
  6. Divide the peanut butter mixture into the chocolate cups. Melt the remaining chocolate, and spoon over peanut butter. Spread chocolate to the edges of the cups. Cool in the refrigerator until firm (about 1 hour)
  7. Enjoy!


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