As a child, every year for my birthday, my parents bought a Chocolate Hazelnut cake from the local Jewish bakery [Note, that I'm not Jewish, but this bakery had the best cakes in town]. Covered with chocolate shavings, this delicious treat consisted of layers of Hazelnut Sponge Cake and French Hazelnut Butter Cream. And did I mention the copious amounts of chocolate shavings?

In high school, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Geneva, Switzerland, where I was introduced to French desserts which nurtured my growing interest in the sweeter things in life. While my first attempt at Cinnamon Rolls were more like Cinnamon Rocks, I've since (marginally) improved and want to share my love of trying out new recipes, and eating dessert!

I don't have any feel-good memories of baking cookies with my grandma or even my mom.  I'm sure my first baking experiences were with using the mixes from Giant, probably brownies.  I do, for certain, remember the first cake that I made for a friends birthday, in college... it was an absolute disaster, at least from my perspective.  I leveled a 9x13 inch cake with a bread knife, and it was SO crumbly, and I had at that time not known what a crumb layer was... not at all the cake I envisioned and not at all a pretty cake.  I can, however, say that I haven't had such a bad experience with baking since.  Or I've at least learned that baking is a learning process, so maybe that's why it hasn't been so bad.

Baking has always more deeply resonated with me than cooking.  While some people find it restricting, I find it orderly (which honestly, I am typically not so orderly) and calm.  Truthfully, I don't eat a LOT of desserts.  But I LOVE making desserts.  And one of the wonderful things about dessert is that they're so easy to share with others... I would say much easier than preparing a home cooked meal, with appetizer, main, and dessert anyway.  It's much easier to make a dessert, bring it to a friend's house, bring it to the office, bring it anywhere really and share it with people, and at the same time, share yourself with people, share a moment together.  That's really the best part of dessert. :D

[TODO add something about desserts and why we chose dessert]


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